UPDATE: Patch has been relased among some bonus material, check out the download page!

We are finally ready to share some details about our upcoming fan translation patch for Ace Combat 3 Electrosphere. As you might already know, the Japanese version was very different from the Europe/USA release. The original game featured voice acting, animated sequences and a multi-branch plot.

We worked really hard to bring to you a complete, from the ground up, English and Spanish translation of the entire game. The Italian version was already released last year, click here for more details.

This new fan translation brings many improvements and bug fixes over the original release, you can watch this video for a complete recap!

We didn’t work alone on this project: we collaborated with Dfactor Longplays to bring you a complete walkthrough of the game. Completing Ace Combat 3 100% and hitting the highest ranks can be difficult, so we got you covered. Check out Dfactor’s Youtube channel for more information.

Dfactor Longplays

The game manual, especially for this kind of video games, is part of the experience, so we reconstructed and translated the game’s original manual. Now you can be fully prepared for the experience!

We didn’t translate just the game, we also worked on AppenDisc, a special PlayStation disc released with the game’s soundtrack. You will be able to unlock new planes and watch an exclusive video!

That exclusive video was never translated, among with another interesting release: Ace Combat 3 Mission 00. This VHS tape is very hard to find, it contains 35 minutes of footage about the world of Ace Combat 3, details about the plot and exclusive animations.

Mission 00

We started a collaboration with LonelyChaser Fansubs, a group very passionate on bringing old and less fortunate anime to the attention of western audience. They provided subtitles for Mission 00 and the AppenDisc. We can finally enjoy that material for the first time!

LoneyChaser Fansubs

Ace Combat 3 was released on 27th May 1999, It has been almost 24. For this anniversary, we will release the patch for the game, the AppenDisc and help you to watch the Mission 00 tape.

Get ready, on 27th May 2023, Ace Combat 3 Electrosphere will be finally completely playable in English and Spanish!

¡Ace Combat 3: electrosphere también será Ace Combat 3: electrosfera, pues el 27 de mayo también se publicará el parche de traducción al castellano del juego y todos los contenidos adicionales incluidos, en una colaboración entre Traducciones del Tío Víctor y Load Word Team!

Se publicará el parche del juego principal, el manual totalmente reconstruido en PDF, la traducción del disco AppenDisc de la banda sonora original y el vídeo promocional MISIÓN 00.

Para más noticias en español, visitad Traducciones del Tío Víctor.

Traducciones del Tío Víctor

This project was made possible with the combined efforts of many people in various areas of expertise.

  • International project coordinator: Infrid

  • Japanese-English translation: Yargenfolgen

  • Graphic/video editing: IlDucci, OrientalComputer_01

  • Animated illustrations: Azu Crepuscular

  • Programming tools: Infrid, Kosmo零

  • Reverse engineering: SolidSnake11, Ortew Lant, IlDucci

  • English proofreading/editing: Dfactor, Raivop, IlDucci

  • Special thanks: Phoenix, Agna

  • English-Spanish text translation: IlDucci

  • Japanese-Spanish text revision, AppenDisc subtitling: Dark_Kudoh

  • Spanish version testing: IlDucci, Megaflan, 堕落王 (Wu)

  • Programming (third-party tools): Steve Monaco “Klarth” (Atlas), RedComet (Cartographer), Stenzek (DuckStation), Michael Sabin (jPSXdec), Lameguy64 (img2tim, isodump, MKPSXISO), Kingcom and all Armips contributors, Silent, Chromaryu, G4Vi, and spicyjpeg (MKPSXISO), Dashman (layer merger), CUE (psx-mode2), putnam (binmerge).

  • LoneyChaser Fansubs

    • Project Manager and QA: MartyMcflies
    • Translators: Windii, Yume